Public Area Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in guest rooms is crucial, but so is the rest of the hotel. Guests start to form their impression of the hotel from the moment they enter the premises. The entryway, front desk area, lifts, corridors to the room – all of these leave a distinct impression on the guest even before they see their room.

Cleaning public areas in a hotel are not just important to create the right ambience but also maintain a safe and hygienic space. With constant movement of guests, staff, porters and valets across these areas, constant and rigorous cleaning is a must at all times to remove dirt and toxins.

NHS Public Cleaning Services

Our staff is equipped with maintaining the cleanliness of all public areas including the following:

Front desk and lobby area: The cleanliness in these areas includes disinfecting the floor, surfaces, fans and other amenities, furniture as well as all keyboards, machines etc.

Corridors, lifts and dining area: These are the most frequently visited areas in a hotel and often a treasure trove of dirt. Everything from the floor, carpet, doors, tables, linen etc. needs to be in immaculate condition to instil a sense of peace in the guest’s mind.

Swimming pools: A pool is a great attraction point for guest’s, especially during the summer months. Raking leaves, maintaining the right disinfectant level, cleaning the surrounding areas of the pool including the changing rooms is a huge task which needs to be done consistently to maintain good hygiene.

Garden and parking areas: These areas are prone to litter, stray dirt, and dust mounds that can give a shabby and unhygienic look to the hotel. Even though they may not be inside the hotel premises, these surrounding areas require regular upkeep and maintenance to create a clean and hygienic environment.

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