Laundry & Linen Management

Imagine the feeling when a guest walks into their room after a long day and is greeted by a clean room, fresh sheets and a sanitised washroom? This feeling of satisfaction and being welcomed can radically transform their mood and outlook towards the hotel.

Maintaining linen and laundry in a hotel is a huge responsibility and a critical task. Most hotels spend a lot in procuring quality linen, soft towels and robes and, high-quality comforters and pillow covers etc. Adopting the right cleaning practices is essential to ensure that they are always fresh and available for guests while also lasting for a longer period.

NHS Laundry and Linen Services

NHS takes over the management of all these services to enhance guest experience and maintain cleanliness. These include:

  • Collection of dirty linen from guest rooms and bathrooms, public areas such as bars and dining rooms, and other hotel departments.
  • Segregation of linen based on fabric, cleaning solution to be used, extent of soiling etc.
  • Washing the linen the right way along with checking for any stains that need extra attention or wear and tear of the linen that makes it unusable.
  • Drying the clothes in the right environment, arranging repair for any minor wear and tear, stacking them in a neat manner.
  • Delivering them timely using an organised schedule to all guests and departments

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