Hotel Housekeeping

The primary resource in any hotel is the housekeeping department. This department is responsible for making guests feel welcome, ensuring they are comfortable during their stay and leave with a memorable and positive experience.

Along with enhancing the overall guest experience, a well-functioning housekeeping department can also boost a hotels’ reputation and bottom-line. A welcoming ambience followed by a clean and pleasant stay is often the most common markers for guest’s to form their impression of a hotel.

NHS Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services in hotels offer a range of services that include maintaining cleanliness and order across the hotel. These services help support a positive ambience as well as enable a hotel to maintain or boost their star rating. Some of the main responsibilities undertaken by the NHS housekeeping team include:

  • Maintaining overall cleanliness of the entire hotel at all times
  • Routinely conducting pest control to ensure hotel premises are free from bugs
  • Using the correct cleaning techniques to elevate the hotel décor
  • Making use of high-quality and safe cleaning supplies
  • Ensuring hygiene and safety for all with regular disinfecting of all surfaces and areas
  • Maintaining the smooth functioning of all hotel fittings and amenities

Our staff is trained rigorously in providing high-quality housekeeping services in the following areas of the hotel premises for maximum guest comfort.

  • Guest rooms and bathrooms
  • Public areas such as front desk, lifts etc.
  • Parking areas
  • Landscaped entrances and gardens
  • Conference rooms and halls
  • Department offices

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