Guest Services

Lavish amenities, luxury suites, and stunning landscapes – none of these would matter if the guest didn’t feel welcomed in a hotel. The whole premise of the Accommodation sector revolves around hospitality. Providing courteous and timely guest service ensures that your guests are well taken care of and have a pleasant stay.

The staff involved in this arena of housekeeping need more than basic skills to impress guests. A lot of companies provide staff that looks for on-the-job training. At NHS, we train and equip our staff to welcome diverse guests in a way that is pleasing and professional.

NHS Guest Services

Some of the skills and qualities of the staff that elevate guest experience include:

  • Greeting and welcoming guests when they arrive
  • Being equipped to check-in and check-out guests efficiently
  • Arranging for any amenities required by guests
  • Coordinating with other departments regarding guest requirements
  • Make reservations and arrange timely transportation
  • Efficiently handling and resolving any guest complaints with exceptional communication skills
  • Having a thorough understanding of all hotel policies regarding guests

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